Liveaboard and Berthholder Info

Is there any parking in the Marina from the Thursday to the close of the event on the Sunday?

2 Hours Prior there will be access to piers by car 2 hours prior and 2 hours post the event each day being:
Thursday 6 April 2017: Trade day/Public Day 10:00am - 5:00pm
Friday & Saturday 7-8 April 2017: Public days 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 9 April: Public day 10:00am - 5:00pm

How will liveaboards and berthholders access their boats to drop off and pick up daily

Berth Holders and Liveaboards can access the Marina on Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday from 7am to 9am mornings and 6pm to 8pm evenings for pick up and drop offs only. On Friday/Saturday/Sunday access to the site is 7am to 9am mornings. The evening access for these days will be 7pm to 9pm.This is because of the later closing times.
This requirement is to enable emergency vehicles to have unencumbered access to the Marina at all times.

Is there secure carparking allocated for the liveaboards vehicles during the event?

Parking will be supplied to liveaboards in a specially cordoned off area by trailer B. Access to this area will be through the launching ramp gate. Existing proximity tags will have this access added to them by the Marina office before the show.

Where is there parking for the berth holders?

All day parking will be available to berth holders on Port Road outside the main entry gates.

Will there be security for those vehicles parked on Port Road?

There will be 24 hour roving security guards.

Will all the piers be locked off during the event

All Pier gates A to G will be locked off to the public at all times with access by proximity tag. H Pier will be open during the event for the public to view display boats.

What day will vehicles need to be out of the Marina to enable the moving of existing containers and the setup of the marquees?

Set up will commence on Tuesday 4 April at 12 noon until 6:00pm. Set up will continue again 8:00am Wednesday and continue until 6:00pm. No vehicles will be able to park in the Marina from noon Tuesday.
Breakdown will commence Sunday from 5:00pm and continue 8:00am Monday 10 April until completed. Vehicles may return to the Marina from 5:00pm Monday 10 April.

How many 4 day wristbands will be provided per liveaboard and bertholder?

These will be issued from the Seaview Marina office upon request of numbers required per berth holder.

What provision will there be for Charter boats customers disembarking with baggage to return to their vehicles on Port Road

During the show provision to be made with the organisers by prior arrangement
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