Mininstry for Primary Industries

MPI is excited to be at the show, talking to Wellingtonians about biosecurity and how to keep our coastal waters pristine and free of pests and diseases. Introduced marine species can damage the very things you value such as attractive, swimmable beaches and plentiful fish stocks. Protecting Wellington waters is as simple as keeping your moored boat clean and your antifouling paint in good condition. And keep on the lookout for unusual marine life. You can contact our marine specialists about anything out of the ordinary on 0800 80 99 66. Our team will also be on hand to talk about the fishing rules we have in place to ensure our recreational fisheries are sustainable.

We’ll also have info on New Zealand’s first ever plan to prevent marine pests entering a special area. The Fiordland Marine Pathway Plan was adopted in April last year and aims to reduce the risk of marine pests being carried into the unique marine area on local and visiting vessels. If you plan to take a vessel into Fiordland waters, you will need a Fiordland Clean Vessel Pass. Find out more about the requirements at our stand.
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