Takacat is a young & innovative New Zealand based company located in the ‘City of Sails’, Auckland, NZ

Since 2007 the company has been committed to bringing to the New Zealand and international markets a new and exciting range of catamaran inflatable boats, which offer the key attributes of safety, stability and speed with great versatility and ease of use characteristics.

Led by Director Greg Sowden, Takacat is focused on providing quality and innovative inflatable catamarans with outstanding customer service. You will love your Takacat dinghy!

Greg's leading edge design arises from a lifetime spent in and around inflatable boats. Whenever possible he prefers to be out on the water enjoying a wide range of activities including fishing, diving and exploring with the family. That depth of experience led him to produce an innovative modern range of inflatable catamaran sport boats that are high performance, versatile, portable, cost effective and capable of handling various conditions.
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Physical Address: 
Showroom: Red Beach Surf Club, Ngapara St, Red Beach, Auckland, NZ (Wednesdays, by appointment only)