Wellington Boat Show Sponsors

A big thank you to MCS Rental for kindly donating 8 handheld radios for the duration of the Wellington Boat Show.

MCS Rentals have a range of radio units available to accommodate short-term radio communications requirements. These include portable repeater systems, fixed base, mobile and portable radio units for conventional and trunking applications. If you require rapid deployment of a short-term communications solution, radio rentals could be the answer.

Typical applications for short term rental include Public Events, Sporting Events, Event Management, Film Production Crew, Event Security, Public Safety, Hospitality, School Functions, and Trade Shows.

For more information, please contact rentals@taitmobilewgtn.co.nz or phone 04 568 3139.

Go Native is a Wellington based New Zealand owned company that makes high quality whole foods with 20 years experience providing ration packs to the emergency and defence forces. We believe in enabling people to be their best and by that we want to give the best of nutrition and taste in each of our products.

We have developed an exciting new 24 Hour food pack developed for multi day expeditions and emergency ration packs. A one stop reusable bag filled with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pack is a compact and lightweight 690g with an average of 4700kJ per pack. It also entertains with a sudoku and quiz included. This has a shelf life of 1 year or, 2 years without the coffee which would be ideal for an emergency ration pack to keep onboard any sea going vessel. Please see more information in the attached flyer.

You can also see an example of our menu, and purchase, online here: https://24foodpack.com